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re: Corenn Guardian Druid


Personal Information

Name: Daniel

Age: 22


Nationality/Location: Polish/Poland


PC/Connection Details: PC: Intel i7 4771, GPU: RADEON R9 280x, 16GB RAM, stable 100FPS Connection : Since Kazzak is placed in Stockholm, speedtest shows me : 68ms, 14DL, 1Upload ( so i wont stream :C )


Do you have mumble installed and do you have a mic? : Mumble! wow, long time no use, but yea i have installed also i have mic, but planning to buy better one cause my mic going to die so


Can you meet our raid nights/times? : Best times ever, id probably have some fight with my girlfriend about sunday raid, but there is no reason that i wont make it, so thats not an problem ( dedication FTW:P)


A brief Introduction about yourself (More than one line please):

Hello there! :D My name is Daniel, and i`m 22yo, living in Warsaw, Poland. Outside gaming i`m studying Buisness Psychology and Marketing Management, during free time when i`m not playing any games or spending time with my girlfriend, i`m helping people as an paramedic, but thats my part time job so it wont affect my raiding during progress. Also i`m a big fan of Role Play ( includes RPG and LARP ) and fantasy books, If there is fantasy expo, i should be there (also dont worry, it wont affect my raiding :P )

As a gamer: mostly i`m playing RP games but I think i`m good in League of Legends and Battlefield ^_^.


Character Info


Name: Corenn


Class: Druid


Race: Tauren


Armory Link:


Main Spec: Guardian


Main Spec Glyphs: When 6.0 cames they took all usefull glyphs and throw them away, But there are some glyphs which i`d like to use: Glyph of Maul : 1 more additional target to hit! why not :P Glyph of Stampending Roar : Raidwide roar, profit to everyone! Since there is no groundbreaking glyph, i`m using glyph of Barkskin, I was thinking about glyph of Survival Instincts but there is no need to make SI 3 seconds buff... As an Raidwide option: glyph of Rebirth, but since they gave timer for Combat Rezz its better to let someone else rezz dead players.



Warrior - Prot - Sempiternall (L90, Twisting Nether EU) Pally - Prot - Suchcoren (L90, Twisting Nether EU, dinged couple days ago but i know how to play pally, played before during Cata) Shaman - Ele/Resto Corenaa (L90 Kazzak, atm geared only for DPS, but i`ve healed with this toon prev expansion ) Priest - Disc/Holy (PvP char) Decayen (L90 Twisting nether, PvPin with this, know how to heal raids) Mage - fire Balbayna (L90 Twisting Nether, its just an farm char and old PvP ) Hunter - farm char but i`ve played with this toon for long time. Corena (L90 Twisting Nether) I have every single class in game as an alt, but i dont see point to posting all of them here, and yes. im up to transfer every single alt to Kazzak :]


Quick Summary of your PvE spec's/stats:Before 6.0 my goal was get as much crit as possible, but when 6.0 hits stat prio changed to mastery > haste> crit, which are WoD stat priority. Of course you can play with your crit gear now in SoO due to overgearing raid progress. Mastery - When i`m hit by physical attack i gain physical absorb shield, also it increases my attack power Haste - faster hits, more rage Crit - Gives me dps and rage regen. Multistrike - 10% cap raidwide, to maximize benefit from Ursa Major ( Which increasing my hp by 2% every multistrike ) For those secondary WoD stats i`d like to balance them, but i`ll firgure it out when they show up :]


Why do you play this class?:Well when i started playing WoW i was playing Hunter ( Night elf hunter, Legolas Hype!:P, it was back in 2004...) also i`ve played as an shaman healer, ended up with Druid, cause this class can be everything, tanks which are best for me and my playstyle, if something change i can reroll quickly to resto or range/melee. Druid all-in-one class ;] During WoD i think i`ll be missing my flying form but cmong, why they wont allow us to fly as high as you can, dismount and switch form just before hitting the ground (Shatt was the best for this :P )


Describe a fight where you would use different talents/glyphs:

As an tank i wont change that many talents, and basicly there is no additional set of glyphs which you want to use :P But i explain my talents choices regarding to fight. IRON JUGGERNAUT Its stable tank and spank fight for my role, so i`d like to go with T1 : Charge : due to mines, i can make bombs faster :P T2: Ysera Gift : Stable HoT, after 6.0 Renewal is useless. T3: Typhoon : Nothing to do here with it, but i`m usually taking this talent from T3. T4: Soul of the forest provides biggest dps increase since You dont need to use Incarnation to spam lacreate. T5: Mighty Bash : same as T3, you dont have anything to do here with this, also its my fav talent T6: Nature's Vigil : almost spammable cd, helping healers. (I also thinking about Dream of Cenarius for free heals and bonus dmg) For other fights, i`d probably go with that setup, sometimes changing T5 talents Like for Siegecrafter i`d like to use Vortex instead Bash to help out with mines. and On Garrosh i`d go with Bash for interrupt. I was wondering about Cenarion Ward as T2 talent it gives you HoT castable on everyone from your raid instead constant heal from Ysera on yourself, but i didnt tested it yet.



Professions: Leatherworking and Blacksmithing


Why did you choose these professions?: Before 6.0 i had benefit from LW and BS bonus enchants/slots. But now its pointless to get new profs.


PvE Experience


·         Classic WoW:

Played as Hunter on Moonglade(EU) realm, I`ve cleared ZG/Onyxia/MC/BWL(without Nefarian)/AQ20/40/ Spider Wing + instructior in Naxx40. 


·         The Burning Crusade:

I was promoted for Hunter class leader in my guild

Progress: Gruul/Maghteridon (prenerf)/Kara/SSC/TK/MH/BT/Sunwell ( Kalecgos only)


·         Wrath of The Lich King:

I Changed guild during ICC raid, moved to Horde side where i started to heal as a restoration shaman

Progress: Cleared everything from WotLK, with OS10 and 25pre nerf,

Done Tribute to ToGC ( 25 wipes or smthing, cant remember )


·         Cataclysm:

Moved my Shaman to Guild called Signum on Burning Legion, where i`ve cleared BoT/BWD/ToT with glory


During firelands i had secondary school certyficate exam and falled behinf with Ragnaros HC kill, but done

5/6 Kill

When i was back to game, Signum retired, moved to Archaic Order guild, where i`ve cleared DS heroic. 



·         Mists of Pandaria:

After MV i rerolled my druid. MV: 4/6HC HoF: 6/6 NM ToES: 4/4NM 2/4HC ToT: 7/13HC SoO 14/14HC


Summary of your PvE experience (reasons why you lack experience etc): My first raid ever it was UBRS ( 10m version of it.. PS. this kite path of last boss... dem feelz) then it was Zul`gurub and Onyxia lair and that was it! my addiction, my goal in this game, raiding was soo awesome that i wanted to do this all the time( that was a short story how i became addicted to WoW) And i was playing on my Hunter since ICC, when blizzard decided to say "NOPE!" to armor penetration ( just 3 weeks after i`ve got my shiny Deathbringers Will trinket and went 100% arp). I decided to go on my shaman alt and start playing as an healer, finished LK hc with this char, and moved on to cataclysm when i joined Signum, i`ve played in this guild till Dragon Soul where guild retires, after that i went to Archaic Order when cleared first content of MoP , some of them on heroic. During this time when i was in Archaic Order i`ve rerolled to Druid tank which i`m playing now. Lacking of progress in ToT: I was in hospital due to accident and couldnt raid that much.


Guild Info


Previous Guilds?:

I wont bother you with social guilds experience, just major ones: Vir Mortalis lately called Heroes no More on Moonglade Honorbound - when i rerolled Horde on Moonglade Signum - Burning Legion Archaic Order - Lighting Blade then moved to Twisting Nether with guild Barbarians - Burning Legion with my druid on ToT ( IRL friends) Strife - Twisting Nether Old school - Draenor


Reasons for Leaving? :

Vir mortalis was disbanded after Naxx progression, for TBC some of raiders created Heroes No More, which died after some content. Honorbound: retired and went 10m Signum : retired after Firelands, theyre raiding again, but with whole new core. Archaic Order: due to hospital i was forced to leave and they found someone for my spot after my abscence, Barbarians : it was pvp guild with PvE groups, my group died after Ji`kun Strife: Late night guild, we had rooster problems during Siege of Orgrimar progression, when xrealm raiding cames we filled up our spots with alts from high guilds and we managed to kill Garrosh 10m Old School : kidna werid situation, they invited 5 tanks at the same time, and i was looking for full time job tank.


Why do you want to join Perception?:

For now, its best guild for me, i feel that i`ll suit to your guild, I always was an high end raider, If i had an opportunity to play with Perception i`d be glad to do this and had a chance to achieve top rankings with you.


Do you know anyone in Perception?:

For now, sadly nope :C


Raid Attitude


Link us a screenshot of your UI in a raiding environment:

Standard ui : WeakAuras : During Raid : (kidna old pic, ) 


Are you willing to respec to improve raid performance?:

Ofc, if some fights will require one tank i can go dps to provide best raid setup fro guild.


Do you farm raid materials?:

Yes, i`m always trying to bring best possible gear/flasks/food for raid, and also what i saw from sample Application, i`m also an gold farmer with some milions around my account (also i`m hunting for items on BMAH)


Do you keep up to date with boss encounter tactics?:

I`m bringing my best performance to raid, I analyzes Dungeon Journal, watching as many guides/streams as i can before attempting boss fight. usualyl writing some ideas based on previous tactics how guild can suit to them or brining fresh ideas ;] I`m also staying up to date to my class by reading it and asking on theorycrafting forums for druids/tanks


Will you sign up for raids in advance and show up for them?:

If sing up i`m doing everything to show up for raid time, if i cant manage one of raids i`m usually writing this like 1-2 weeks before it happens. In case of unfortunatley circumstances i`ll contact officer or someone from guild that i cant come.


Describe your rotation during an encounter:

Guardians have only 3 buttons rotation !:D Single dps fight: Mangle off cooldown Keep Lacreate up, Keep Trash dot up Maul when procc. During WoD : keep Pulverize buff up! AoE rotation : Trash maul spam, keep Lacreate on main target and try to spread some around ! Cooldowns: If its stable fight i`m using Freinzied Regen when i can to make healers life a bit easyer, and keeping some rage up for Savage Defense ( usually rotating them around) When i know that boss will hits me harder, i want to keep Savage up as much as i can Barkskin : just before higher dmg or when moving around with boss to avoid some big hits Survival Instincts : before huge dmg, now with 2 stacks i can spam them abit, at least one of those stacks ;] Macros: I`m not using that many macros, usually holding cancelaura under my main skills to avoid silly pally jokes :P and some powershift macro to quickly cange forms, 



Are you a quick learner?:

I`m learning quick, if i can try something before our raid i`ll try to do this, ( aka LFR raids before main raid to see how this fight can looks like. )



Describe a time when you have reacted positively to criticism:

I dont think so i had problems with overreacting criticism, usually trying to find something what can helps me during next attempt or what i can change to improve myself. If someone just blame me without any proofs that i did wrong i`m usually allowing him to talk and do nothing about this. i`m not a drama queen.


Describe you biggest flaw during raids:

I dont like to waste my and our raiders time, so sometimes its frustrating when people slack every pull, for the instance, every pull some other raider goes to make an tea or whatever, i understand that sometimes you need to go to do something, but lets make one break instead 10 small breaks. Second flaw i think if i get used to do something during raid, aka starting on mantid side on spoils or tanking Skeer instead Rikkal during Klaxi encounter it takes me while to adapt other method of progressing.


How do you feel about wiping repeatedly on the same boss to learn the fight?:

Wipes are the best, cause they`re increasing range of what are you killing, i remember how it was during vanilla, when u was wiping 3-4 weeks before u managed to kill 3-4rd boss of the instance ( Princes Huhuran... ), i had around 400 wipes on Ragnaros heroic, 350 on LK, 300 on Siege and Garrosh. Its frustrating only when we had boss on farm for like 2-3 months and someone doing same stupid stuff on fight which is wiping us. Besides that, wipes are best motivation to kill boss ( so many 1% wipes... )


Brief description of the addons you use for raiding and why?:

i`ve made my own ui with Shadowed unit frames and bartender Those addons allows you to fully customize bars and frames, as boss mod i`m using Deadly Boss Mod and GTFO addon which play some sounds when you`re standing in bad stuff. For tracking raid cooldowns i`m using BloodLegionCoolDown ( on the left side of my screen on ui ) which tracks raidwide cooldowns. WeakAuras 2 - using this for tracking my own stuff, times of cooldowns when they`re used etc. For tracking Lacreate debuff on targets i`m using Tidy plates and Drood Focus ( which is out of date now, so i`m basing on WA + Tidy plates. I have plenty of smaller addons which are not affecting my raiding. Some cosmetic addons which i`m using : Bagnon to make my bags clear, Postal + Prat as mailbox and chat addons. Auctionatorr + TradeSkillMaster for AH farming. I have plenty of smaller addons which are not affecting my raiding.


Anything else you would like to add?

I can add an vid from our first kill garrosh including teamspeak, my friend PoV, but you can check how i`m working with rest of team. ( i know its on 10m :C )


At the end i want to thanks for letting me apply to Perception, i`ve enjoyed writing this application. Thanks for spending your time on reading this. If someone would have some questions feel free to ask here or add me on battle tag : Corena#2888

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